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The New Synth

2009-08-27 15:10:47 by Mcewthom


I always new the synth I used from day one was the answer to gods equation.

you all Badly reviewed my "fart songs" saying they were a disgrace to mankind,

But now the "Fart Synth" has become in fashion

Yes that is right, due to us using every other synth known to mankind we have now moved on to the "fart synth" as each fart lets us hear how that person is feeling inside...

If you do not believe me here are the reviews -

Computer Music - "The fart synth is a breath of fresh air, to be honest we wonder why no one thought of this before"

Paul Van Dyke - "Damn I wish i had thought of recording my farts, that mcewthom is one crazy artist"

Michael Jackson - "I wish i wasn't dead then I could record my farts too"

So there you have it, Farts are the future...

The New Synth

OFFICIAL - Me and Cher are BEST friends...

2009-04-15 08:35:41 by Mcewthom

I knew it would happen, we was hanging out together quite a lot... And then she said it - "Mcewthom you are my best friend"

We will be working together on future songs.

I am sooooooooo happy

I luv ya Cher x x x

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People are texting me to see if I'm ok, I'm fine. My final submission is seeing the end of "mcewthom" on this website (my music name) hence why I've put the date of the final submission... Looking at it now it does seem quite glum, but saying "I'm in a better place now" is saying I've found a better website for my music where people don't zerobomb all day long, maybe I should of said "I've found a better place now" although that might come across glum too... Meh I don't know, but thanks anyway guys, now stop freeking me out with PM's plz.

OFFICIAL - Me and Cher are BEST friends...


2008-10-21 12:33:03 by Mcewthom

How are you today?

I hope your day has been pleasent-ish.

Anyone stood in shit today?

"HOLY S***"
by: Typhlanar
date: October 16, 2008

Author's Response:
duh I make songs for a living, I would never use this place to put my masterpieces on id rather get paid!

So yea this is just a place i can take piss out the "less fortunate" artists (if thats what you wanna call them)